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We’ve developed scientific rigor from our experience at leading companies such as Johnson & Johnson and GlaxoSmithKline. This background is what gives us such high standards. Our team of scientists and medical advisors continue to push for the evolution of standards for CBD and supplements. Our manufacturing sites can prove they are high quality through GMP-certification and FDA inspections. It was mission critical for us to develop products we could stand behind. 

A Solution for a Better CBD

NextEvo CBD is better because our SmartSorb™ technology optimizes CBD for better bioavailability, so your body can absorb more of it. CBD is oil-soluble, which means it’s hard for the human body to absorb. While other CBD products can pass right through your system with little absorption, we’ve created a technology that allows your body to soak up the CBD goodness.  

Technology that’s Clinically Proven

We discovered the best formulation for absorption, and we call it Smartsorb™. SmartSorb™ technology works by combining the elements of extraction, emulsion and formulation in a way that’s clinically proven to optimize absorption. In fact, it absorbs 4x better than oil-based formulations, and works faster too. 

From Inspiration to Science to Technological Discovery - we bring you NextEvo. 

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