What Is SmartSorb™?

Our team of scientists and doctors developed SmartSorb™ Technology to make Hemp work with your body so that more can get absorbed. Better absorption means that you can get more of the benefits of Hemp without taking more than your body needs.

The Problem With Most Hemp

Did you know that over 90% of the Hemp you take can be discarded by your body, unused? That's because Hemp is naturally oil-based, so it isn't easily absorbed by your water-based body.

How Does
SmartSorb™ Work?

SmartSorb™ technology improves the bioavailability of Hemp, so that more Hemp gets into your system, in as little as 10 minutes. SmartSorb™ technology allows a greater amount of Hemp to be delivered to your body, vs. other brands where 90% is destroyed by the digestive process. One capsule of NextEvo Premium Pure Hemp with Smartsorb™  is equivalent to 4x the amount of Hemp in oil-based formulations.

The Science of SmartSorb™

SmartSorb™ technology turns premium Hemp into a water-soluble emulsion. This emulsion is optimized for precise delivery and timing, so that more of it gets into your body, and it works faster than oil-soluble Hemp.

The Smartsorb™ Difference