About Hemp

The hemp plant is the same species as the marijuana plant, but is bred to have no more than .3% THC. It’s a fast-growing plant that produces strong fibers and oil-rich seeds, both of which have been widely used across many mediums for centuries. Especially this century, as we learn more about the many ways in which this plant can benefit our overall health and wellbeing.

Hemp is commonly associated with positive benefits for mood, anxiety, inflammation and quality of sleep. NextEvo Naturals, in particular, are formulated to get you all of those benefits faster and more efficiently than messy oils or old-fashioned tinctures.

Nope. Hemp products derived from hemp are required to have no more than trace amounts of THC (.3%) and are non-psychoactive. And while Hemp can help with a better night’s sleep, it doesn’t make you drowsy like, say, a cold medication might. Instead it works to help regulate your body’s natural equilibrium.

Like other dietary supplements, Hemp is not regulated by the FDA. As such, Hemp is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

All of our products include dosage information on the label and box. If you are new to Hemp, we recommend starting small with our 10mg Premium Pure Hemp. Try taking up to 60mg per day for both our Premium Pure Hemp and our Extra Strength Premium Pure Hemp.

As with any supplement, consult your doctor or healthcare provider before taking Hemp products.

About NextEvo

Our expertise is in both science and nature. A great combination for creating our Hemp-based herbal supplements to help you reach that next level in wellness. Our supplements are clinically proven to work four times faster, allowing you to train harder, sleep better, and keep your mind focused. NextEvo has one-of-a-kind Smartsorb™ technology. This allows more Hemp to be delivered to your body faster with 4x better absorption compared to oil-based Hemp formulations like tinctures, capsules and softgels. Our products are 100% THC-free, gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO and free of artificial colors.

All of our products are grown and made in the USA in a FDA-inspected and GMP-certified facility.

Yes, our products are all tested by an independent lab.

Our proprietary Smartsorb™ technology allows more Hemp to be delivered to your body. Unlike other brands where 90% or more of the Hemp is either not absorbed or broken down and thrown out by your body.

Like any THC-free Hemp product, NextEvo Premium Pure Hemp is not detectable on drug tests. Standard drug tests test for THC, not Hemp.

Our premium pure Hemp is non-GMO, vegan and gluten-free.

Our Smartsorb™ technology allows NextEvo Hemp to get into your system in as little as 10 minutes and with up to 4x more absorption than other brands.

Because our goal was to make a higher-performing Hemp. In order to do that, we made a powder form of Hemp that can be encapsulated and better absorbed into the body. So you get more effect with less Hemp. How much more? NextEvo has been shown to have up to 4x better absorption than oil-based Hemp and gets into your system in as little as 10 minutes. Better, faster and no messy oils. Save those for cooking.

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